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Seamless Logistics: UAE's Experts Move Concrete Mixer Trucks from Jabal Ali to Casablanca

Martrade Group

Jun 1, 2023

Ensuring Safe Transportation with Heat Shrink Wrapping and Container Loading

Exciting news from the UAE! Our logistics experts have successfully transported five concrete mixer trucks from Jabal Ali, UAE to Casablanca, Morocco. To ensure their safety, we loaded the trucks into containers and applied heat shrink wrapping to protect the unit heads and mixer drums.

At Martrade Group, we understand the importance of securely moving your cargo. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in efficient logistics solutions that guarantee the safe transportation of valuable goods.

If you have cargo enquiries for Abu Dhabi or Dubai, reach out to us at and, respectively.

Experience hassle-free shipping with our expert team. Contact us today for all your cargo transportation needs!

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